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Blood noir, p.1

Blood Noir, page 1

 part  #16 of  Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series


Blood Noir
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Blood Noir

  To Darla, who has made herself simply indispensable. Sherry, for organizing a house full of artists. Mary, for bringing order, and someone to call for advice. Charles, for security, research help, shooting range trips, and reminding both Jon and I that this really is cool. Shawn, for research questions answered, and for simply being the only other human being on the planet who understands. Marshal Moriarity, whose input came too late for this book, but well fix it next time. Happy retirement.

  To the winners of the Jason stage name contest:

  Kim Montano, Maitland, FL

  R. Malinen, Finland

  Sarah Shelton, Arlington, TX

  My writing group, The Alternate Historians: Tom Drennan, Rett MacPherson, Marella Sands, Deborah Millitello, Sharon Shinn, and Mark Sumner. Never give in; never give up.

  And Lieutenant Robert J. Cooney, Commander of Mobile Reserve, HRT, and K-9 19642008.

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