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Impossibly His

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Impossibly His

  Impossibly His

  By Shawn Lane

  Published by JMS Books LLC

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  Copyright 2017 Shawn Lane

  ISBN 9781634863971

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  All rights reserved.

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  This book is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It may contain sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which might be considered offensive by some readers. Please store your files where they cannot be accessed by minors.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously, though reference may be made to actual historical events or existing locations. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  Published in the United States of America.

  NOTE: This book was previously published by Amber Quill Press.

  * * * *

  Impossibly His

  By Shawn Lane

  Chapter 1

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  Chapter 9

  Chapter 1

  Linus Montgomery glanced at the chart he held. He was new to this hospital, starting his residency in the cardiology program just a few weeks ago. He made a notation and handed it to the nurse, Ella. He smiled at her. “I’ll be in to check on him within the half hour.”

  “Thanks, doctor.”

  Linus stepped around the nurses’ station and, as he turned to go down the corridor, he spotted Geoffrey Spenser, also a doctor, leaning against the wall talking to one of the nurses. This particular nurse was a big flirt, and Linus knew Geoff was totally into him. The nurse, Micah Florentine, was currently batting his lashes at Geoff and had his hand just under the collar of Geoff’s lab coat.

  “Yeah, they’re at it again,” Ella said, catching his glance. “Dr. Spencer actually let Micah do his hair.”

  Linus lifted his brows. “He does hair, too?”

  Ella, a slightly plump but pretty bleached blonde, rolled her eyes. “Is there anything he can’t do? I’m pretty sure they’re doing it.”

  Ignoring the stab of jealousy—or was that pain—Linus nodded. “Certainly looks that way. Ah, well. None of my business.” He glanced at his watch. “And I’m due a lunch break. I’ll check on that patient when I’m back, Ella.”

  Linus made his way out of the area and to the elevators that would take him to the basement cafeteria. Just as the doors were about to slide closed, a white coat covered arm shot out and stuck itself between them. The doors abruptly halted and were forced open.

  Squelching his annoyance, Linus waited for the intruder to step into the elevator. His gaze shifted away as Geoff appeared with a slightly crooked grin.

  “Sorry, tried to catch it before it got that far.”

  “You’re lucky you didn’t lose an arm,” Linus replied, hearing the primness in his own voice.

  Geoff grinned. “Well, even if I had, at least there was a doctor here. Lionel, right?”

  Biting back a sigh, Linus shook his head. “No. Linus. Like from the comic strip.”

  “You’re kidding?” Geoff chuckled. “Too funny.”

  Linus didn’t find his name particularly funny, but he was used to the cracks by now. He waited for the one he was sure was coming.

  “So, do you really believe in the Great Pumpkin?”

  Linus rolled his eyes. “Yeah, like I haven’t heard that one three-hundred times.”

  “I suppose you have. Still, it’s cute.”


  “Geoff Spencer,” he said, offering his hand.

  Linus didn’t move his hands from where they rested by his sides. “I know who you are.”

  Geoff dropped his hand. “Yeah? You don’t sound impressed.”

  The elevator doors slid open with a sort of rocking motion. Linus stepped off, followed by Geoff.

  “Break, huh?” Geoff asked.

  “Looks that way.”

  “Me, too. You aren’t very friendly. Anyone ever tell you that?”

  Linus shrugged and picked up a tray. “A time or two.”

  “You should work on that bedside manner.” Geoff reached past Linus for a tray, brushing against him as he did so. “Aramis, right?”

  Linus frowned. “Huh?”

  “Your cologne. It’s Aramis. Isn’t it?”

  “I don’t know,” Linus admitted. “It was a gift from my sister. Don’t really look at it. Anyway, it’s not cologne, it’s soap.” He stopped in front of the prepackaged chopped salad. He noticed Geoff was still following him. “I thought you’d take your break with Florentine.”

  “Micah? He’s off work, just ended his shift,” Geoff said. “Why? You jealous?”

  “Of what?” Linus grabbed the salad and placed it on his tray. Geoff bypassed that and went to the chicken station and selected a thin chicken breast. Linus filled a cup with iced tea and then headed for the cashier. After he paid, he selected a table in the corner. He was only slightly surprised when Geoff showed up and plopped himself down.

  “What?” Geoff asked with a grin. “You’re my pet project. See what makes you tick.”

  “Huh? Why?”

  Geoff shrugged. “You’re new here. Curiosity killed the cat.”

  “Hopefully the cat has nine lives then.”

  “You’re kind of funny,” Geoff said with a chuckle. “Where’d you come from, Linus?”

  If it were anyone other than Geoff Spencer, his secret crush, Linus would have thought the guy was genuinely interested in him. Linus wouldn’t win any beauty contests or anything, but he generally got interest from other gay men. Geoff, on the other hand, was extremely good-looking with his salon hair and bright green eyes. And dimples for God’s sake.

  “Earth to Linus. You in there or what?” Geoff waved his hand in front of Linus’s face.

  “Get your hand out of my face,” Linus snapped. “And yes, I’m here. I came from Murrits, Oregon.”

  “Never heard of it,”

  “You wouldn’t. Tiny little town. I grew up there. Went to medical school in Portland. Did my residency there and then practiced in Murrits for a year or so. Wanted to do cardiology, so I applied to be a resident at this hospital. Now I’m here.”

  Geoff sipped from his coffee. “You still got family in Murrits? Neighbors named Charlie Brown?”

  “Ha ha. My sister, Lucy, still lives there.”

  Geoff stared at him. “Really? Your sister’s named Lucy?”

  Linus rolled his eyes. “No, I’m kidding. My sister’s name is Marion. But she does live in Murrits.”

  “You really are a funny guy. A little standoffish, but funny.”

  Linus finished his salad and pushed it away. “Nice hair by the way.” He flicked a glance at Geoff’s almost platinum blond hair. “Your boyfriend do that?”

  Geoff grinned. “You refer to Micah?”

  “You got any other boyfriends?”

  “Well, he’s not exactly my boyfriend. Yet anyway. I’m working on that. But yeah, he did my hair. He’s got amazing talent.”

Didn’t he just go to beauty school like anyone else?”

  “Not everyone comes out with the same techniques.”

  Linus shook his head and snorted. “Oh, so it’s his techniques you’re interested in. Gotcha.”

  Geoff merely chuckled.

  Linus finished his iced tea and stood. “Gotta go. Nice talking to you.”

  “Was it?”

  “Mostly. See you around, Spencer.”

  Linus made his way back up to the floor with his patients and was immediately greeted by Ella with more charts. He held back a sigh.

  “How was lunch?” she asked.

  “Okay. Spencer joined me.”

  Ella smirked. “Dr. Handsome, huh?”

  Linus laughed. “Do they actually call him that?”

  “Sure, all the girls do. Some of the guys, too. Like Micah.”

  “I shudder at the thought of what you all call me.”

  “We don’t have anything permanent for you yet,” Ella told him. “Right now you’re just the new doctor.”

  “Thank God for small favors anyway.”

  Ella patted his arm. “I’ll be in Room 801A for a few minutes if you need me.”

  “All right, see you later.” And Linus started his rounds again.

  * * * *

  When Linus finally walked into his apartment several hours later he was dog-tired. He’d grabbed a fast food burrito on his way home even though, as a doctor, he should know better than to indulge in something that bad. But he was too tired to think about cooking.

  He saw his answering machine flashing and found out the message was from Marion, but he took a shower first and then dressed in his pajama bottoms and a T-shirt before returning her call.

  “How was your shift?” Marion asked him, the sound of dishes clanging together as well as running water in the background.

  “Long. It was all right. Nothing too dramatic happened.”

  “I’d say that’s a win in the hospital.”

  “For sure.”

  “You started dating yet?”

  Linus laughed. “No. Should I?”

  Marion was quiet for a while but then she said, “It’s been three years.”

  “I’m very much aware how long it’s been.”

  “I’m sorry. I mean I know you know.”

  Three years ago he’d lost his boyfriend, Raj, to cancer. It had been an agonizing six months leading up to his death, not the least of which was their estrangement from Raj’s Indian family.

  “I just mean, I think seeing guys again might help you,” his sister continued.

  “I know you mean well. But right now I’m still getting settled in here. And I work long hours. I don’t know when I’d find the time.”

  “What about that doctor you said was cute? Geoffrey or something?”

  Linus sighed and closed his eyes as he leaned his head back on his sofa. “He’s dating someone else. A nurse.”

  “Oh. A straight guy then?”

  “A male nurse. There are such things you know.”

  Marion huffed. “Well, I know that. I have to go. One of the kids is calling, needing help with their homework.”

  “Okay, gonna watch some television and then get some sleep.”

  “Night, Linus.”


  Chapter 2

  Geoff Spencer returned to the bed with a damp cloth and stared down at Micah, who lay naked across Geoff’s bed. He offered Micah the washcloth. “For cleanup purposes.”

  Micah snatched it, but then flung it aside. “Thanks, love. I’m probably just gonna take a shower when I get home anyway.”

  “You could stay the night here.”

  Micah hated mornings after. Awkward messes. Which was why he simply didn’t do them. He’d had second thoughts about screwing a doctor at the hospital where he worked, but Micah had thought they were on the same page as far as no-strings.

  He laughed and sat up. “That’s precious, really. But no. I like my own bed with no one in it but me.” And that was the way it was going to stay for the foreseeable future.

  Geoff shrugged. “Okay, suit yourself. Just figured it would be less of a pain than having to drive home in the middle of the night.

  “I don’t live that far.” Micah bent over and picked up his clothes, heading into the bathroom to quickly get dressed. When he reemerged in the hot little number—consisting of leather pants and a tight T-Shirt—he’d worn at the club they’d gone to earlier that night, Geoff was no longer in the bedroom.

  Micah shoved his feet into the boots he’d worn and made his way out to the living room where Geoff waited.

  “See you again?” Geoff asked, holding a glass of water.

  “Well, we work at the same hospital,” Micah jokingly reminded him.

  “I mean other than that, obviously.”

  “Maybe,” Micah said lightly. He gave Geoff a quick kiss and then headed for the door. “Good night.”

  He was aware of Geoff watching from the doorway like a good Boy Scout as Micah made it safely to his little red Honda. It was true when he’d said he didn’t live far. It took him less than fifteen minutes to pull his car into the garage of his town house. He’d chosen this particular town house when he was buying because it had a connected garage. He only had to slip into his home from the inner garage door.

  Micah never invited guys to his house. He always went to theirs. Or, on some occasions, did it in the parking lot of the club or at a pay by the hour motel. His parents were convinced he would be murdered someday because of his dangerous life, but really Micah didn’t do those sorts of things that often. Still maybe he was what a cop would refer to as a high-risk victim. He’d seen all the crime shows. In fact, he was pretty addicted to Forensic Files.

  He flicked on the kitchen light as soon as he stepped into the house and was immediately greeted by his black and white cat, Sylvester. Not exactly original, Micah supposed, but Sylvester liked his name and so it would remain.

  Micah reached down to pet the furball as he rubbed along Micah’s legs. “I bet you want to eat, huh? Sorry it took Daddy so long to get home.”

  After feeding the cat, Micah took his shower and then went to bed. By that time, Sylvester had joined him and curled up next to him. He purred Micah to sleep.

  * * * *

  “You’re scheduled today to work with Drs. Montgomery, Ridgley, and Houghton.”

  Micah barely held back a frown at his supervisor, Noreen. “Dr. Montgomery? Can’t Ella be assigned to him?”

  Noreen peered at him from under her glasses, which had slipped down her nose. “What is your objection to Montgomery, Florentine?”

  Micah was pretty sure that Noreen had been a drill sergeant before becoming head nurse. The older woman with curly short-cropped white hair intimidated most people at the hospital. Except him. Well, most of the time. Okay, maybe she did him, too.

  “He’s just so serious.”

  “I admire that in a doctor,” Noreen said with a sniff. “Sometimes the antics around here are deplorable. Your assignment stays, Florentine. Deal with it.”

  “I knew you wouldn’t change it,” he said rather petulantly, if he did say so himself.

  “Then why did you bother me with it? Get to work. And try not to be so obnoxious today.” She rolled her eyes and stalked away. Micah recalled that one of the other nurses claimed Noreen actually liked him, but if she did she certainly never showed it to him.

  He turned away and the first thing he noticed was Dr. Montgomery standing not too far away, peering down at a chart. It wasn’t that Linus Montgomery was too serious, it was that he was the type to get serious about. Micah stayed as clear from that type of guy as he could.

  Since Linus didn’t seem to be aware of Micah’s scrutiny, he continued to stare at the newest member of the staff. Linus was about six feet tall, from what Micah could tell. He didn’t go up and measure him or anything. He had sort of sandy or wheat-colored hair cut short, shaved in the back, and parted in the middle
with just a touch of feathering of his bangs. Sometimes he wore glasses, like now, and sometimes not, which times Micah figured he must be wearing contacts. But whatever the case, Micah couldn’t help but notice the startling blueness of the man’s eyes. He was not a flirt, not at all, and in fact in Micah’s limited time with him, Linus never spoke of anything personal. He was all business.

  He’d learned from Ella that Linus was gay, but unlike some of the other gay staff members around, Linus never showed an interest in Micah or anyone.

  Just then Linus looked up from the chart he had been studying and caught Micah staring at him. “There’s a patient waiting in Room 4A.”

  “Uh, yeah. I’m ready.”

  He followed after Linus as he headed down the hallway toward Room 4A.

  * * * *

  Okay, the cafeteria was super busy and every table was occupied with at least one person. Micah surveyed the group, trying to decide which table to invade. Then in the corner he spotted Dr. Montgomery—Linus. By himself, of course. He really didn’t want to sit there but the other choices weren’t that great either. Geoff Spencer was sitting with a couple of other doctors and things had been awkward between them since the other night. Their…second-night stand, he guessed.

  Biting his lip, Micah approached Linus. “Can I sit here?”

  Linus shrugged. “Why not?”

  Not the world’s most welcoming pronouncement, but Micah set his tray down and took the seat directly next to the doctor.

  “You had a salad?” Micah asked, just to make conversation.


  “I’m having the meat loaf,” he offered.

  Linus looked at his tray. “Obviously.”

  He huffed out a breath. “Do you ever get friendlier or is this your common bedside manner?”

  “Is there a problem?”

  “No. Yes. I don’t know. It’s just you’ve been here a month or so and no one really knows that much about you. You don’t really socialize and when someone does talk to you, it’s like they are committing some horrible breach of etiquette.”

  “Look, Micah, isn’t it?”


  “I’m guessing you’re chatting me up with the idea of making me your latest conquest, but I can save you the trouble right now. I don’t date coworkers. Or have ‘just for fun sex’ with them either.”

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