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  “I love you…. . so much”

  “I love you too sweetheart. So, so very much. ”



  “Come on dude. We never fucking see you anymore Gunner except at Football practice and games. Let’s just go get one beer, just one fucking beer. ” Josh said as he followed me out to my truck.

  Football season started two months ago and between school, practice, games and everything in between I had hardly spent any time with Ellie. I could tell it was starting to get to her. Especially on the away games and home games she always seemed nervous. Jeff said she was probably just worried about me getting hurt. I didn’t think that was it.

  When we did spend time together it was fucking magnificent. I loved being able to make her fall apart with my touch. Although, it was getting harder and harder for me to keep control and I found myself dreaming about her and waking up jacking myself off in my sleep. I ran my hand through my hair and tried to tune Josh out.

  I thought about last Sunday when I took Ellie out for her birthday. It was just the two of us. We went to Judges Hill Restaurant and Bar downtown and it was a perfect evening. I had to smile when I remembered how excited she got when I gave her the present I bought for her. It was a white gold bracelet with a single charm of two hearts on it. She felt her daisy necklace while I put the bracelet on her left wrist. God I loved her.

  I threw my bags in the back seat and turned to get into the truck.

  “Gunner, just one fucking beer dude that’s all I’m asking. Spend some time with the team dude. ”

  I let out a sigh. “Is Jeff going?”

  “I’m sure he is. What the fuck happened to him this summer? He sure has been drinking a lot and going out to Rebels almost every night. Coach finds out and his ass is grass Gunner. Plus that fucker has banged more girls the last two months then I have this whole goddamn year. You need to sit down and have a come to Jesus moment with him Gun. ”

  “Yeah, tell me about it. I’ve tried talking to him. He won’t listen to me or Ellie. ”

  “Is this over Ellie’s friend Ari?”

  “Yep and tonight her douche bag boyfriend is throwing her a birthday party that I’m required to be at so I will only be having one beer. ”

  Josh slapped me on the back and smiled. “Hell to the yes my brother, make sure you tell Ellie I said hey!”

  “Where we meeting?”

  “Fado’s dude…thirty minutes”

  I jumped in my truck and called Jeff.

  “What’s up dude?”

  “Hey you going to Fado’s to meet some of the guys for a beer?” I asked as I heard some hoe in the background trying to get Jeff’s attention.

  “Fuck yeah I’m going. Pick me up?”

  “Ah, yeah but right after I need to go straight over to Ellie’s place, it’s Ari’s birthday and they’re having a party for her. ”

  Jeff didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

  “Fine by me. I haven’t seen my baby sister in awhile. ”

  “Where are you?”

  “Sitting in the parking lot of the stadium still, where the fuck are you?”

  “Same fucking place dick…. where are you parked ‘cause I only see a few of the guys cars and not your truck. ”

  I heard the girl start laughing and I thought I heard that mother fucker moan.

  “Yeah………. around the back…. give me two minutes. ”

  Mother fucker this had to stop.

  I called Ellie while I waited for the bastard to get his fucking blow job.


  “Hey back sweetheart. How was your day?”

  “Long and tiring and Jason is driving me fucking nuts with this party! He is freaking out about every detail. I want to punch him in the throat and give him a good kick in the balls and watch his face while he lies there in pain. ”

  I had to laugh. God how I loved this girl.

  “Listen Ells, Josh is giving me hell about not spending any time with the team. Do you mind if I go to Fado’s for a quick beer and then I’ll head over to your place? I’m picking up Jeff and he wants to come along to see you. ”

  “Of course I don’t mind Gunner! Just please make sure Jeff has not been drinking too much. It is Ari’s birthday and I don’t think he has seen her since September. ”

  “I will make sure baby and no…he sees her at every home game sitting next to you. I watch him look for her. ”

  Ellie let out a sigh. “My heart aches for him Gunner. Will you please try to talk to him again?”

  I didn’t want to tell her I was waiting that very moment for the bastard to get done getting blown and that I thought he was a lost cause so I agreed to talk to him again.

  “Thank you Gunner. I love you and please be careful driving. ”

  “I love you too and always baby…. . ”

  I looked at the clock…I just gave him more than two minutes so the fucker better have the bitch gone. I pulled around the stadium and saw him leaning against his truck as some girl was pressed all up against him. I just shook my head. He was going to end up fucking up and getting someone pregnant if he didn’t stop this bullshit.

  I pulled up and honked the horn. He waved goodbye and jogged over to the truck and jumped in.

  “Thanks for the extra few minutes. ” He said as he gave me a wink.

  “Jeff…this is getting out of hand. I mean come on dude did you know her name?”


  “You heard me…. did you even know that girls name?”

  “Of course I did. She’s a bartender at Rebels and her name is Stacey……. . there are you happy fuckwad. ”

  I shook my head as we made our way downtown to Fado’s. I had my one drink and surprising enough Jeff only ordered a coke. We talked for a few more minutes with some of the guys and then Jeff and I took off for Ari’s birthday party.

  By the time we got to the party and pulled down their driveway there were already about fifteen cars parked all around.

  “Mother fucker! What the fuck is Jon Baker doing here?”

  Jeff looked around until he saw him leaning against a BMW talking to some bleached blonde.

  “Hell if I know. Ari wouldn’t have invited him so that means douche bag Jason must know him. ”

  I parked my truck around the side of the cottage. By the time we got around to the front door Jon and the blonde must have already gone inside. I opened the door and was not surprised to see him standing there talking to Ellie. Fucking dick.

  “Gun, just take it easy. He’s only talking to her. ”

  “Yeah and that’s all he is ever going to do with her. ”

  I started making my way over to Ellie. She smiled that big beautiful smile she saves only for me. She stepped away from Jon and started to walk towards me. I picked her up and kissed the fuck out of her.

  “WOW! Was that because Jon was talking to me or are you just that happy to see me?”

  Shit I loved this girl! I laughed as I kissed her quickly again. “BOTH!”

  “I’ll take both then, anytime!” I slid Ellie down against me and made sure she felt my already hard dick. Just looking at her turned me on. She gave me a wink and smiled. I needed to let her know how much I always wanted her.

  “Hey sis…. ” Jeff said as he leaned down to give Ellie a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug.

  “Thanks for coming Jeff. I’m sure Ari will be happy to see you. ”

  Jeff just shrugged as he scanned the room. His head stopped and his eyes lit up for the first time in two months. I looked over to where he was looking and there was Ari. She was laughing at something Amanda and Heather were saying and she had not noticed Jeff yet. Just then she looked over and I could tell she sucked in her breath at the sight of Jeff standing in her living room. I looked down at Ellie and noticed she was holding her breath. When I looked back at Ari she smiled at Jeff. I swear it was the first time I had seen that smile
of hers since the day she was riding horses at the ranch. I turned to look at Jeff and he was smiling back at her. He then nodded and waved. She waved back and her face turned as red as a rose.

  Huh…. interesting. Ellie leaned up and asked if I wanted a beer and I shook my head no. I mouthed water to her and she smiled and turned to walk into the kitchen. I looked up just in time to see Jon watching Ellie walk into the kitchen. I think I was going to have to beat his ass, and soon.

  Just then I heard Ari.

  “Hey Gunner, Hi Jeff, um long time no see! How’ve you been?”

  Jeff cleared his throat after his first attempt to talk to her failed.

  “Um, I’ve been good. Busy with football and senior year and all. How about you? You look beautiful and um Happy Birthday squirt!”

  Ari blushed again. I looked over her shoulder and saw douche bag Jason watching her every move. Fuck, I could not stand that guy. Something about him made me uneasy.

  “Thank you for both the compliment and the birthday wishes. I’ve been okay……. . busy. I miss hanging out with y’all. I’m thinking of going to the ranch with Ellie for Thanksgiving weekend since my parents are going on a cruise. Are you um, you planning on being there?”

  Jeff must have felt the daggers being thrown his way by Jason because he looked up and smiled at the prick before looking back down to Ari.

  “Yeah, I’m planning on heading there with Gunner. ”

  Ari smiled a big satisfying smile. “Cool! Maybe we can have a rematch of that horse race you clearly cheated at. ” Ari said with a wink.

  Jeff let out a laugh.

  “You bet Ari, a rematch sounds great. ” Jeff said as they both just stood there and stared at each other.

  Just then douche bag Jason hit a spoon on the side of a wine glass. What a fuck head. Ellie walked back up and Ari gave Ellie a questioning look. Ellie just shrugged her shoulders.

  “Can I have everyone’s attention please, quiet down please. Arianna baby please come stand next to me. ”

  Ellie leaned up and whispered to me…. ”What the hell is this all about? He NEVER calls her baby!” Jeff must have heard Ellie because he snapped his head back over to where Ari was now standing next to Jason.

  Jason turned Ari around so she was facing directly in front of us. Next thing I know stepped in front of her and got down on one knee.

  “OH SHIT” Ellie and I both said at the same time.

  “Arianna my sweet Arianna…. these last few months have been nothing but magical for me. ”

  Ari was looking down at this jackass with a shocked look on her face. I wonder if she was more shocked that he was about to ask her to marry him or that he just described their last few months together as being magical. Douche bag. All they ever did was fight!

  “It would be my greatest honor if you were to take this ring and say you will marry me. ”

  Ari looked up and looked directly at Jeff. She almost had a pleading look in her eyes. Jeff just stood there staring back at her.

  “JEFF! Do something, say something for Christ sake!” Ellie whispered.

  “Arianna baby I know this might seem sudden but, baby will you be my wife?” Douche bag had to ask her again because she was still staring at Jeff. Oh this was going to be good.

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