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 part  #3 of  Alpha Series



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  But then he pulled himself free and pushed me backward. "I don't think so." Nick lowered himself over me, climbing onto the bed, and his mouth descended to mine, his tongue slid over my lips and two fingers brushed over my clit. "Jesus, Layla. You're wet already."

  "You do that to me. You have this effect on me, and I don't get it. I mean, I'm always ready, but...there's something about you that just makes my pussy drip, all the time." As if to emphasize my point, his fingers speared into my opening with a wet squelch. "See what I mean?"

  He pulled his fingers out of me and lifted them to his mouth, licked my juices away. "I love the way you taste. Sweet as fucking sugar."

  "Liar. I taste like pussy."

  He laughed. "True. But a very delicious pussy." He moved down my body. "In fact, I think I need a better taste."

  I was torn. I wanted him inside me, wanted--needed--to feel that connection to him. But I also really, really liked the way he ate me out. "Nick..."

  "Yeah, baby?" He spread me apart with his thumbs. Flicked his tongue over my clit.

  "I need you."

  "You'll have me."

  "I need you now." He ignored me, licking at my pussy like he was eating ice cream off a cone. Lapping, lapping, lapping. I moaned, and buried my fingers in his hair.

  "I don't think you're ready. I think you need to come at least once, first." He punctuated his words by sucking my clit into his mouth and sucking on it and flicking it with his tongue tip until I was writhing and gasping and grinding my core against his face.

  "Fuck yes, Nick. Eat me, baby. Jesus, that feels so good."

  He pushed two fingers into me, and then added a third, and then pulled them back and thrust them back in, over and over, until I was grinding against his face and riding his fingers and moaning nonstop, riding the waves until I crested the climax, and I screamed when I came, gripped his head in trembling fingers and kept him tugged against me, writhing and rolling my hips into his madly fluttering tongue.

  And then he was inside me.

  All at once, hips between my thighs, huge thick hard smooth cock filling me and stretching me and leaving me breathless with the perfection of it all, my spine arching up off the bed, my hips crushed to his. "Oh Jesus oh shit oh fuck." I let my knees fall apart and drew my heels up to my ass cheeks, grabbed two handfuls of his taut backside and jerked at him. "Fuck me, Nick. I need it."


  My eyes flew open and met his. "No?" I sounded a little shrill, a little panicked. "Why not?"

  "Because I'm going to do so much more than that."

  "Oh." One syllable breathed from my lips, pure relief.

  He lowered his forehead to mine and stared into my eyes from millimeters away, his breath on my lips, and pulled back so he could thrust into me. His lips met mine, and I eagerly deepened the kiss, demanded his tongue, held onto his flexing ass with one hand and cupped the back of his head with the other. Kissed him and kissed him and kissed him until we were both breathless.

  I felt my heart expanding as he moved inside me, felt my pulse thundering as another orgasm rose up within me. This time, I welcomed the feeling, welcomed the emotion. I felt it, and let it burgeon.

  I moved with him, planted my feet in the bed and lifted my hips to meet his.

  I can say, without equivocation, that I've never enjoyed missionary sex as much as in that moment. Physically, it felt like nothing had ever felt before. Emotionally, I was a mess, but a beautiful, delirious mess.

  "Layla." His voice was low, intense.

  "I'm here, Nick. I'm with you."

  "Do you feel this?" He placed my hand over his heart; it pounded as hard as mine.

  I put my hand over his and let all the vulnerability I felt shine out through my eyes. I pulled down the walls and defenses and just...felt. "Yes, Nick. I feel it."

  He pulled his knees beneath himself, pulled my heels over his shoulders and pushed so deep into me my eyes watered.

  Okay, fucking fine. I'll admit it: I was crying, because it felt so good. "Oh god, yes. More, Nick. More."

  He thrust, slowly and rhythmically, unhurried. I reveled in each slide, closed my eyes and focused on the stretch, on the way his cock felt sliding in and out of me.

  "Watch us, Layla."

  I opened my eyes and watched where our bodies were joined, watched his cock pull back, coated in my essence, and then slide back in. And god, that was sexy. Watching us, watching him, his abs flexing, his hands wrapped around as much of my thighs as he could grip in one hand--which wasn't much--watching his face show his emotions.

  "I masturbated thinking about you," I said, apropos of nothing. "I would lie in my bed and picture you just like this, and I would touch myself."

  "How? Show me, baby."

  I slid my fingers over my slit, used my fingers to spread my lips apart and circled my ring and middle fingers over my clit, gasping at the intense ramping up of sensation. "Like this, Nick. Hard and fast."

  He matched my rhythm. "What would you think about?"

  "This. Us. Together. I'd picture us fucking. I'd picture you eating me out like you just did, and I'd--" I broke off with a grunt as I came, suddenly, arching forward and clamping down around him. I heard him growl and felt his rhythm slow, felt him tense as he focused on holding back.

  "What, Layla? What did you fantasize about? Tell me."

  I didn't tell him, I showed him what I wanted, instead. I pushed at his chest, and he pulled out, rolled off. I rose up onto my hand and knees, stared at him over my shoulder, my hair falling in a black curtain of curls. Sweat beaded on my spine, and my skin pebbled as he moved to his knees behind me.

  "Like this?" he asked.

  I moaned. "Like this." I bowed my spine in, pushing my ass toward him. "This is how I want it. I want to feel you come inside me like this."

  He palmed my ass with both hands, caressing each globe slowly, tenderly. "God, I love your ass."

  I took him at face value. The way he was staring at me, touching me left no room for doubt. He loved my ass. My tits.

  I did wonder, though, if he loved the rest of me, too. I suspected he did. I suspected I returned the feeling. I didn't know what love was like, how it was supposed to feel, either giving or receiving, so I wasn't sure.

  But he loved my ass.

  I was totally okay with that. It was a big ass, and not all guys appreciated that.

  My train of thought was derailed when he pulled my ass cheeks apart. "I want you here, Layla."

  I groaned. "You can have me there. But not now. For now I just...I need to feel you in my pussy."

  He reached between my legs and feathered a gentle touch over my clit, found my entrance, guided his cock by feel into me. I reached down and nudged him into better position, and he slid deep.

  We both groaned in unison.

  I pushed back to get him deeper. "Don't hold back anymore, Nick. Just...take me."

  Oh fuck, did he take me. It wasn't hard and fast. It was hard and slow. And I loved it. I moaned and groaned and let myself scream as he thrust into me over and over, holding my hips and pulling me back into his crushing thrusts. He didn't relent, and this time I felt him let go, felt him release control and just...take me. No pleasing me, no manipulating admissions out of me. Just taking pleasure, fucking to release.

  I touched myself as he fucked me. Rested my head on my forearm and reached between my thighs to finger my clit until I was aching and trembling.


  "That's right, baby," I said, voice rasping and gasping. "Say my name when you come. Shout my name."

  "Layla, I'm almost there."

  I was close too, but I abandoned the effort and braced myself with both hands and rolled my hips to grind my ass against him, writhing into his frantic fucking. "Give it to me, Nick! Fuck yeah, just like this, fuck me hard, baby."

  He fucked me hard, and it hurt so good I didn't need to touch myself, just needed to let him hit inside me and feel lightning burst inside me with each pound of his
cock into my pussy.

  "Layla..." His voice was ragged and his thrusts faltered. He pushed deep, thrust until my ass cheeks were flush against his hips and he couldn't get any deeper, and still he thrust, harder, growling. "Oh fuck, Layla, I'm coming...I'm--Oh--Jesus, Layla..."

  He came as he said my name, filled me with his come, a river of hot wet seed flooding me. I touched my clit once, and that's all it took to join him in release, thunder detonating inside me, making me shake and go limp and breathless.

  Moments later, I was wrapped up in his arms, head resting over his beating heart, listening to his pulse slow from a frantic thunder.

  I love you. I felt it bubbling up in my throat, and I shook with the need to say it, the desire to say it.

  To hear it said to me.

  Kyrie St. Claire was the only human being to ever utter the words "I love you" to me.

  I desperately wanted to hear Nicholas Harris say it first, and I couldn't get the words past my lips.

  "Layla?" His voice was a sleepy murmur.

  "Yeah, Nick?"

  "I'm not going to say it. I know you feel it. I know you see it." He sighed. "I will say it, because it's real and it's true. But not like this. I don't want you to think it's got anything to do with how hard I just came. I mean, it does, but that's not why."

  He sounded almost awkward, and Harris was never awkward. It was cute.



  "Don't say it if it's not forever. I can handle just about anything. But don't say that if you don't mean it, and if it's not...for forever."

  "Layla, I wouldn't--"

  "I don't want to talk about it right now. I want to enjoy the afterglow."

  He tightened his grip on me, his arms coiling tighter. He may not have said he loved me in so many words, but he'd made it clear he did.

  It was enough for right now. More than enough. Maybe even all I could handle, at that point.

  Baby steps to falling in love.

  "I do, though," Nick murmured.

  "Me too."



  I woke up when I hit the floor beside the bed with a painful thud. "What the fu--mmmph--" I was cut off by Harris's hand over my mouth.

  "Shut the fuck up. Someone's outside." His voice was a harsh whisper in my ear, barely audible.

  I went still, disoriented and sleepy still but recognizing the urgency in his voice. He was crouching over me, naked, pistol in his hand, aiming at the entrance to the bedroom. Tense moments passed, and I heard nothing, saw nothing. Light streamed in bright through the drawn shades. I smelled the thick musk of sex, and looked down to see Harris's dick mere inches from my face, dangling, heavy.

  "Mmm. Penis," I whispered, and took him into my mouth, tasting us, feeling him twitch.

  "Jesus, Layla! Not now." He glanced down at me and gave me an angry look. The effect of the glare was ruined somewhat by the fact that he was now hard as a rock.

  And then I heard it. A creak of hinges, footsteps scuffing on threadbare carpet.

  "Awesome," Harris whispered. "Now I'm gonna have to kill this guy with a hard-on. Thanks, babe."

  "No problem," I responded, "I'll just wait here."

  "Good plan." He moved toward the foot of the bed, holding the pistol in both hands, slinking with predatory grace and silence.

  The gear bag was on the floor, and he reached into it, tugged the opening aside, found what he was looking for: a silencer, which he quickly and quietly screwed onto the barrel of his pistol. More waiting. Sounds from the living room, a voice murmuring in a foreign language and another voice responding. Two of them, then.

  Harris glanced back at me, put a finger over his lips. I rolled my eyes at him to indicate no shit, what do you think I'm going to do, start shouting? Fuck me, he was sexy. Rugged, lean, hard--ha, that was a double entendre, now, thanks to my mouth--muscles of his back shifting in the shadows with each motion. He should have looked stupid, prowling closer to the doorway, buck naked with a gun in his hands. But somehow, he didn't. He looked primal, fierce, and deadly.

  My man was deadly, and dead sexy.

  My man?

  Yes, my man. I decided to own it. He was my man. I was his woman. Oddly, unexpectedly, I kind of liked the feeling of being someone's woman.

  I almost missed it. One second I was ruminating on the novelty of being a man's woman, lying on the floor between the bed and the wall--and then Harris was in motion, pistol rising, bucking and flashing and barking quietly, once, twice...three times, four. Still loud, but not the deafening report of an un-silenced pistol. Harris was around the door now, moving in that sort-of crouch all soldiers, policemen, and other combat-trained people all use--Harris just did it in the buff. Still sexy.

  He returned after a moment, yanked the sheet off the bed and vanished back into the living room to cover the bodies, his phone to his ear, updating Thresh.

  He ended the call as he entered the bedroom, ejecting the clip of his pistol and replacing it."Okay, we're clear for now. We gotta move. Hit the shower, if you want. But be quick. I want to be gone in twenty minutes."

  "But you still have a hard-on, Nick. Want me to help you out with that?" I took a step toward him.

  "It'll go away. We don't have time."

  "Does it make me sick that I get horny after situations like this are over?" I asked.

  "No. Adrenaline does that to you. It's a documented fact." He hefted the bag of weapons onto the bed, found a box of bullets, and was thumbing rounds into the clip. "I told you, babe. We don't have time. I'll be fine. You can make it up to me later. We have to move."

  "I can make it quick. I promise." I sank to my knees anyway.

  "Layla--" He lifted me to my feet, brushed his thumb over my lips, and then kissed me. "You suck at listening."

  "I'm a bad girl, what can I say? And, obviously, listening isn't all I suck at." I licked my lips.

  He laughed. "You're impossible. And amazing." He turned me around and shoved me toward the bathroom, giving my ass a hard, loud spank. "Go. Shower. Before I decide I'm hungry. And we really don't have time for that."

  "You sure?" I ran my finger up my seam.

  He growled. "Jesus, Layla." He ran a hand through his hair. "Those two were just the first. They shouldn't have found this place, but somehow they did. Which means there will be more out there somewhere. What I need from you right now is to do what I'm telling you, so I can keep us both alive long enough to get you alone on a beach somewhere far from any of this."

  "And once we're alone on the beach?"

  His eyes narrowed, green gone fiery. "When I've got you, I'll fuck you until you can't walk straight. I'll make you come so many times you'll beg me to let you rest."

  "That will never happen. I'm pretty sure I don't have an orgasm threshold of any kind whatsoever."

  He swayed toward me. "Layla? I swear to god I will spank your ass red and raw if you don't get in the fucking shower right goddamned now."

  "That's not a threat to me, Harris, that's a temptation."

  He grabbed my hair and pulled me down for a kiss. "And I will, someday, I promise. Now...for the last fucking time. Go shower."

  His eyes were serious, and I realized if this was going to work between us, I really would have to know when to obey him--no bullshit about it, this was about knowing when Harris needed me to just listen and do what I was told.

  I'm terrible at doing what I'm told, but if I could listen to anyone on the planet, it was Harris.

  I got my ass in the shower, and was out in three minutes. I didn't have any of the products I needed to really do my hair properly--which was extensive, as I had pretty difficult-to-manage hair--so I settled for six small braids, which I then braided together into a single thick column. By that time, Harris had laid my clothes out on the bed: a pair of stretchy capri pants, a baby blue thong and matching bra, and a striped V-neck T-shirt. The pants had LOVE PINK written across the butt, which I suspe
ct wasn't an accident on Harris's part.

  "You picked the clothes?" I asked, hooking my bra in front and then rotating it around my body to stuff my tits into it.

  He watched as I did this, halted in the act of repacking the weapons into the bag. "Yeah. Why?"

  I tugged the thong on. "You picked a matching set of lingerie. And this is lingerie, by the way, not exactly practical underwear."

  He shrugged, and went back to repacking the assault rifles into the bag. "How the hell do I know the difference? Panties are panties, a bra is a bra. And besides, that color is sexy as fucking sin on you."

  It kind of was. Baby blue looked killer against my dark skin. "And the pants with the writing across the butt?"

  Another shrug. "They looked like they'd be comfortable. I didn't pick them for the writing."

  I slid them on, and then donned the shirt. "Sure. But the writing is a bonus, right? Makes my butt look even bigger, all those letters stretched across all this real estate." I palmed my ass and gave it a smack.

  He smirked. "A lot of seriously juicy real estate. It is a nice bonus." He gestured at the shoes, a pair of plain, worn black and white Chucks. "Practical shoes, though."

  He was already dressed, clean black BDU pants tucked into his calf-high lace-up combat boots, a black T-shirt, and the same hat I'd seen his guys wearing that night on the beach, A1S in scarlet letters on a patch sewn onto a black military-style ball cap.

  "What's A-One-S?" I asked, tying my shoes.

  "My company. After I got Kyrie back and I sent her and Roth out on the Eliza, I realized I'd need a lot of backup if I was going to keep them safe. So I started Alpha One Security. Technically, I'm a private security contractor hired by Roth, rather than working exclusively for him. The effect is the same, though, because right now I only work for him."

  "Alpha One Security?" I chuckled. "That's...both clever and entirely unoriginal at the same time. A-One Security, basically, right?"

  He zipped the bag and shoved two pistols into holsters on an elaborate system strapped to his torso. I counted two small pistols on his shoulders, another bigger one at his right hip, four knives, and six extra clips of varying sizes. He was loaded for bear.

  "Yeah," he said. "That was the idea. I was in a hurry to get it off the ground. I wasn't real concerned with what the company was called, I just needed the LLC up and running ASAP so I could hire my guys. Originality was the least of my concerns."

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