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Dragons: Death by Reaper MC #4

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Dragons: Death by Reaper MC #4



  By Esther E. Schmidt

  Copyright © 2019 by Esther E. Schmidt All rights reserved.

  No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, without permission in writing from the author.

  This book is a work of fiction. Incidents, names, places, characters and other stuff mentioned in this book is the results of the author’s imagination. Dragons is a work of fiction. If there is any resemblance, it is entirely coincidental.

  This content is for mature audiences only. Please do not read if sexual situations, violence and explicit language offends you.


  Since the beginning of time Dragons have existed and live in solitude among their own clans and traditions. Enya lives in the human world but is aware of the fact she's a Dragon. She never encountered any others of her kind and doesn't remember her past. She craves to find out more about herself until she's suddenly faced with a presumptuous, old-fashioned biker who'd rather demand information than willingly provide.

  Vaughn, Dragon shifter and President of the Dragons Charter, has been the leader of his clan for decades. His clan has been facing problems due to ancient traditions which complicate their very existence. When Vaughn becomes aware of the horrific fact of the existence of a half-blood, he's dead set to handle this abomination accordingly; for a Dragon needs to be a pure blood.

  A Dragon shifter is adamant, stubborn, and hot-tempered though evolution has a way to make you see reason within havoc. Can ancient traditions withstand modern times? Or will clan members refuse allegiance, leaving Vaughn and Enya no other option then to fight for the right of existence?

  Cover design by:

  Golden Czermak / Esther E. Schmidt

  Editor #1:

  Christi Durbin

  Editor #2:

  Virginia Tesi Carey

  Cover Model:

  DJ Davids


  FuriousFotog, Golden Czermak


  Face the fire, feel the flames, relish in its beauty but never fear.

  To those who hold a tiny Dragon within their heart…this one’s for you.

  Table of contents

  Prologue – A decade ago.

  Chapter One – Present day.

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

  Chapter Five

  Chapter Six

  Chapter Seven

  Chapter Eight

  Chapter Nine

  Chapter Ten

  Chapter Eleven

  Chapter Twelve


  Prologue – A decade ago.


  I smack the piece of paper on the table right in front of Typhon. “You’re out of your mind if you think your request will be honored.”

  Typhon’s smug smile irritates me more than the request he filed. Which by the way, my MC just unanimously rejected. If this asshole thinks he can get rid of me with some fancy words on a piece of paper, he’s dead wrong and he’s going to find out real soon what the consequences are if he keeps this up.

  I push myself upright and cross my arms over my chest. “No one wants to fall back on ancient traditions. I don’t have to explain to you again how the things we’ve set in motion are our only option to save the clan, or would you really want to see it die with us being the last ones?”

  Anger flares in his eyes. “Our clan needs to stay our own blood. Mixing it with other clans won’t allow us to expand our clan, it will taint our bloodline. Diminish it into a diluted version.”

  I pinch the bridge of my nose in an effort to keep calm. I cannot begin to count the number of times I’ve had this discussion with Typhon. The man likes to live in solitude and never reaches out to other clans. He thinks ours is superior and needs to stay that way.

  The older Typhon got, the more closed off this clan became. That is until I finally challenged him and obtained the role of both president of the Death by Reaper MC Dragons charter and clan leader.

  Typhon thinks he still has some form of control over me because he’s our former clan leader and president. But he only received the status because my parents were killed, and as Typhon is my uncle and I was too young to step in and lead, the responsibilities landed on his shoulders.

  But I won’t let him have a say in anything concerning club or clan business. His days of dragging everyone down with him are over. He should have never been clan leader in the first place, but I guess we don’t always have a say in what life throws at us. Except for this, because I’m here stepping in to stop his bullshit. I can’t flat-out tell him and need to keep my calm and show some level of respect. So, here’s to repeating myself to him for the thousandth time.

  “On the contrary, Typhon, it will give us a new start. One we desperately need. Look around you and open your eyes. There are less than a handful of females, and there hasn’t been a mating in years within the people of our clan. Setting up this trading system with other clans will allow us to bring females, to breed and repopulate.”

  “Nature will run its course,” Typhon mutters. “All you youngsters think about is your cock and bringing in new females to fuck. You will never understand purity and the meaning behind an eternal mate. It’s all about the bloodline.”

  And there you have it. The stubborn and bitter old man hates change and other people who aren’t members of our clan. He once had a true mate but she died during childbirth. I honestly think this man would have rather had his kid die than the mate he lost because he treats Dorn, his son, like dirt.

  And Typhon’s hatred was intensified by the doctors my father had called in from another clan to help in an effort to save the life of Typhon’s mate. In the end it was because of them Dorn is alive or he would have lost both.

  It didn’t matter, though. Needless to say, Typhon hates doctors and outsiders and blames them all for the loss of his mate. Even if I understand on some level, I cannot allow him to drag all of us down with him. Because that would mean all of us would be the last of this clan and the bloodline will end anyway.

  “The first exchange will happen. Besides, you have no say in any of this, old man.” I shake my head, knowing it’s useless to repeat this everlasting discussion with him.

  He smacks his hand on the table and stands up. “Do not underestimate me, Vaughn. Your father was the same stubborn man who made the same mistake. I swear to you, from this day forward our clan will not be tainted with outsiders. Not while I’m still breathing. Mark my words, this whole trading system will be a failure.”

  I point at the paper in front of him. “Your request to function as temporary clan leader has been rejected. Did you really think challenging my mental state about this issue would be successful? The only one with an ancient state of mind is you, all of the others want to move forward and it’s not about giving our cocks some action. All of us want a chance to find our eternal mate, even if it’s a one shot in a million. One thing’s for sure, if we stay in this inner circle where we have fertility issues as it is, we won’t ever have a chance to start new families. And all of us crave to have one of our own one day. Hell, the last child that was born was your own son. Damned the risks of childbirth, because with technology these days we can find a way to diminish that risk too. Don’t you want that for each member in this clan? For your own son?”

  The flicker of disgust on his face is evident until he schools his features. He slowly sits down in his chair and waves a hand into the air as if to dismiss me. “You youngsters know nothing about traditions and hold no value or respect. But mark my words, you will regret not listening to me and then it will be
too late.”

  Asshole. “I will regret nothing when I hold my future mate close as our children walk a path into a bright new future. One that’s filled with ancient and new traditions.”

  His eyes flash to slits and back. “You’re delusional, Vaughn.”

  There are no words I can voice in an effort to talk reasonably with this man. I decide to leave it as it is and let the old bastard roam around in his own anger and clouded visions. I have enough on my plate as it is with the meetings and changes coming up in an effort to move forward in life for everyone involved.

  Chapter One – Present day.


  Anger courses through me at the mere thought of the information and request I received from Vike, the president of Death by Reaper MC, Demon charter. I wouldn’t have believed a word he said if it wasn’t for the woman standing next to him who had the strong scent of three different supernatural beings mixed and running through her veins.

  They are looking for a half-sister. Half as in part Dragon blood running through this…creature. There cannot be a mixture of pure bloods, it’s irresponsible and concerning to say the least. Dragons are simply too powerful to combine due to all the magic running through our veins.

  Then there’s the fact Dragons are rare. This because we’re almost extinct due to issues with giving birth. Hell, if there even is a pregnancy because the clan I lead has been having fertility issues for the last few decades.

  I am the president of Death by Reaper MC, Dragons charter, and I have never heard of a Dragon half breed. Not to mention the rare incident of a Dragon child being born—healthy and alive. The last time a Dragon was born was more than a few decades ago. Dragons are a rare breed and all these details are considered classified information. No outsiders are allowed to know these details or are allowed to interfere.

  I might be the president of this MC, but along with it comes another responsibility. One where I’m also clan leader. There’s a remote village I protect with my magic and it allows us to stay safe and keep our breed alive and healthy—mostly at a safe distance from the humans, and everyone else for that matter.

  We have reasons to keep to ourselves and most of it has to do with our temper, but we also have a lot of rules others don’t understand or accept. No one is allowed to know about or interfere with our breed.

  The rules and guidelines we follow have been made by our ancestors centuries ago. Though, the last few decades I have been fighting on some level with the elders to see value in new ways when it comes to healthcare and such. Mainly because of the hardheaded rules around giving birth, but it’s a long and rough road to travel.

  The former president, Typhon, likes to think he’s still the one in charge. Even though I challenged him many years ago and took over. It’s the Dragon way to challenge a leader when it’s time for change. It’s stated in our laws and normally two Dragons will fight to the death or if one is unable to stand up and fight, then the one left standing earns the right to rule.

  The title is rightfully mine because it’s in my bloodline due to the fact my father was the president and leader of the clan. And I went by ancient traditions to claim what was mine but Typhon, the old fart, likes to think he should still be the one to swing the gavel and with it control everything and everyone. Needless to say, I’m the only one in charge.

  Each paranormal type has their own MC to watch over their kind. Hellhounds, Vampires, Fae, Demons; all different kinds of species who abide by their own rules and laws. But we all have one thing in common; we roam this earth to protect the humans. And yet our kind are the ones who keep their distance from them—and from all the others—because of ancient traditions; solitude is the only option to keep living by our own laws.

  Unless our service is needed to face threats, other Supernatural beings cannot handle themselves. Nonetheless, we all report to the ones in charge; The Orderly. Though, we never actually see them or meet them. When an order is given to fulfill a job concerning the safety of a human, or humans, they will reach out to the president of the charter who is needed telepathically through a voice in our head.

  The Hellhounds charter is a bit higher in rank, the first line of defense so to say. Nonetheless, no one rules over—or messes with—Dragons. We are rarely called to action, not because we are secluded, but because we have a reputation for being ruthless, merciless, barbarous. Some holds truth, but only when it comes to outsiders. And I have to say…it suits us just fine.

  Vike requested a meeting and normally I don’t accept any requests because I live by my own rules. Except, the Dragons charter owes him a favor. One we don’t easily supply, but once given it stands. And this one was made a long time ago during one of the rare occasions where our presence was demanded by The Orderly to supply air support.

  There was an outburst of infected gargoyles who were attacking humans in a remote village. One of my men was fighting off two gargoyles on the ground and was losing. I was fighting three other gargoyles at the same time and couldn’t get to him soon enough. Vike intercepted and saved his life.

  Within battle is honor. That’s the reason I told Vike I owed him a favor. One he cashed in today. And I know I gave him my word, but if what he says is true...I will have to think long and hard if I will fully give into his request.

  Because he not only asked me to find the Dragon half-blood, but if I did, his old lady—and her sisters—wanted to stay in contact with this abomination they insinuate is walking this earth. But if it’s true...I will handle it accordingly and make sure no such thing exists. Dragon blood is meant to be pure, and I will make sure it shall always remain that way. The risk of power shifting and mixing with Dragon blood is a threat to all of us.

  I burst through the door of the main room of our clubhouse. Lucio’s black eyes instantly lock on mine. “My office,” I mentally snap through our telepathic connection, allowing him to be the only one who hears me loud and clear.

  Dorn is in my face when I turn, his red eyes are wide and filled with curiosity. “What’s going on, Pres? Need my help? I’m here, I can help, whatever you need.”

  “What I need from you right now is to get out of my face, prospect. You are to be called when help is needed, not beg or carry a bucket of slime with you to get on my good side because it only aggravates me. Now, get lost. I have club business to discuss with my VP.” I sidestep him and pick up speed to get as far away from Dorn as I can.

  I hate the fact I just lashed out at him but I’m teetering on the edge as it is. And it doesn’t help that I know the slimeball isn’t eager to please me. He’s the son of Typhon and functions as one of his little spiders to keep an eye on my every move. It’s going to be a long time before I’ll ever allow Dorn to sit at my table, because I have enough shit to deal with as it is with Typhon’s interference.

  I hear Lucio follow me through the long hallway and we both enter my office before I slam the door shut. This room is soundproof, it’s required with the extended Dragon hearing, and right now I’m in need of privacy. Lucio doesn’t utter a single word. Even if we grew up together and are good friends, he would never disrespect me in any way.

  Our MC has an ancient system of law and order. Some of these contain simple things such as the fact that no one will ever disrespect their leader, elders are to be respected and cared for, and females are to wait to speak until spoken to. Some might not understand our way of life—hence the reason we keep to ourselves—and will be repulsed by our standards but it’s been our way of living for centuries.

  There are a few older female Dragons in our midst who are mated and take care of their homes, their husband, our elderly. I would say their children, but the last successful childbirth was years ago. Our enforcer, Orion, and his old lady, Nessie, are the last ones who mated but also seem to have fertility issues.

  Even if this mating came from the exchange program we set in motion with another clan. Nessie came here while Vernon was exchanged to Nessie’s clan. Vernon found his mate and I do ha
ve to say he and his mate don’t have fertility issues. Which leaves all of us with a bitter taste in our mouths due to the fact we still don’t have new life in our clan. As I’ve mentioned, Dragon children in our clan is rare. Hence the reason I find it remarkable there would be a half-blood roaming this earth.

  It also doesn’t help that women aren’t allowed to speak directly to other men, unless spoken to. And things like fertility are matters that stay behind closed doors. We are all aware and yet nothing is discussed, investigated, or even so much as to try to find a solution. If we keep going on like this, it’s safe to say we’re a dying breed.

  I have been working hard to change all of this and the first step forward was the exchange program and I managed to soften the rule for females to wait until spoken to. Typhon is spitting fire over this fact and I know changes have to start small and I might rip open a few cans of worms at the same time, but change is necessary.

  Until recently a female wasn’t allowed to gain a male job. Finally, something I was able to change since there was a young Dragon female, Wella, with exceptional computer skills. Dragons are born with a wide gift of natural abilities and in my opinion, they should be put to good use. Male, female, I respect ancient traditions, but I also believe in evolution and taking advantage of modern times and its benefits.

  But imagine running that past three wise old dragons who grew up in a man’s world and refuse change. And by three, I mainly mean Typhon. He lives and breathes old-fashioned standards that no longer fall in place with the evolution this world thrives on.

  These old farts might no longer be a part of the MC, but they still have some influence when it comes to clan business since elders need to be respected. The president of the MC is also clan leader, giving me more than one job and a load of responsibility along with it.

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