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Misfortune: A Time Travel Romance (Ball and Chain Book 1)

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Misfortune: A Time Travel Romance (Ball and Chain Book 1)

  © Copyright 2017 by David L. Hilton

  Amazon Edition, License Notes

  This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or other unauthorized use of the material or artwork herein is prohibited.

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. . Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


  The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this novel are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The author humbly begs your pardon. This is fiction, people.



  David L. Hilton

  Table of Contents

  Chapter 1: chapter one:

  Chapter 2: chapter two:

  Chapter 3: chapter three:

  Chapter 4: chapter four:

  Chapter 5: chapter five:

  Chapter 6: chapter six:

  Chapter 1: chapter one:

  I beat my wings as fast as I could, gripping my bleeding arm tightly. I heard the Flyboys behind me quickly gaining. A loud gun shot rang across the brisk autumn atmosphere again, and a sharp pain went through my leg.

  I was going to die, I thought, as I flew as fast as I could. I had nowhere to go, and there were god knows how many Flyboys chasing me! I scanned the ground, only finding houses, that look occupied and huge trees.

  I scowled, and quickly took a sharp right, the least I could do was shake them off my tail. My wild curly brown hair flung as I twisted in the air, going the opposite direction.

  Okay, plan. I need a plan. First, shake off Flyboys. Second, get out of this area. Third, find shelter. Germany maybe? I heard that they had been seen somewhere in Germany, so I should probably--

  My planning was cut off by a loud gunshot going off, and lodging itself in my wing. My eyes widened and I screamed in pain. My wing curled reflexively, and I fell out of the sky quickly. With only one wing, it would be literally impossible to get out of here. I glanced up to see the Flyboys diving at my body that was rapidly losing altitude.

  My body limply fell through few trees, scratching my body up more than it already had been. When I hit the ground, a white-hot, blinding pain struck through my wing, that made me unconscious.


  Doctor's POV

  "Sorry about running off earlier," He apologized to Amy, stepping out of his TARDIS. "Brand new Tardis. Bit exciting. Just had a quick hop to the moon and back to run her in. She's ready for the big stuff now."

  "It's you. You came back," Amy stated, disbelievingly.

  "Course I came back," He told the gir-- woman, confused. "I always come back. Something wrong with that?"

  "And you kept the clothes," she said.

  "Well, I just saved the world. The whole planet, for about the millionth time, no charge. Yeah, shoot me. I kept the clothes."

  "Including the bow tie," She pointed out.

  "Yeah. I like bowties. Bowties are cool," he fixed his bowtie and grinned.

  "Are you from another planet?"



  There was a awkward silence. "So what do you think?"

  "Of what?"

  Before he could answer, a something fell out of the tree beside him, making him jump. He saw a girl, with dark chocolate skin and wild hair that was entangled with branches and leaves. She wore a raggedy, dirty gray shirt and faded, worn jeans. Her arm was bleeding, and scratches covered her face and arms. He also saw some blood coming out of her leg. But that's not what surprised him.

  On her back, were two huge black wings with brown speckled dots. Her right wing was bent at a awkward angle. There was also a hole in it, that looked about the size of a bullet.

  "Doctor..." Amy said, sounding as confused as he felt.

  "Do girls with wings usually fall out of your trees?" He asked, taking out his sonic screwdriver, and sonicked the midnight sky. He found at several large figures in the moonlight, all heading their direction.

  "No. Not that I know of," she said.

  "Good. That would be weird," he told her, gently picking up the injured girl. "We need to bring her into the TARDIS." He quickly entered the TARDIS.

  "Good idea," Amy agreed, entering the blue police box with him, closing the door behind her.

  He looked around frantically for a place to set the girl down, and finally settled on one of the seats beside the console. He quickly began to turn knobs on the console, and took him away from Amelia's garden as fast as he could.

  Once they were safe, he sighed and checked the monitor. Outer space, orbiting the Earth. That would do.

  He clapped his hands, "Alrighty, Pond, where to first?"

  "Uh... Shouldn't we take her to the hospital or something?" She asked, pointing to the unconscious girl bleeding out on his cushioned chair.

  "No, not the hospital, anything but the hospital. Why the hospital? She has big ol' wings! Take her to the hospital, and it'll be a show-and-tell for every scientists on earth!" He frowned. "There's a sick-bay on the TARDIS, we can put her there."

  He went to the computer, typing something really quick, and a second later, the girl was teleported elsewhere. "There!" He rubbed his hands together, and smiled.

  "Where'd she go?" Amy asked.

  "Sick-bay," he said. "TARDIS sent her in a Stasis Chamber. It'll help her wounds, keep her sleeping, et cetera."

  "Don't you think we should wait for her to wake up...?"

  He nodded, "Probably. According to the TARDIS, she'll probably wake up in..." He checked the computer, "One hour!" As soon as he said that, he frowned, and checked the computer again. "What? That's odd."

  "Isn't that a bit... Short?" Amy frowned, "She looked like she would be asleep for at least a few days!"

  "You are very right, Pond. Very, very right..."

  Chapter 2: chapter two:

  Main Character's POV

  I shot up quickly, not taking a second to hesitate. Where was I? I sniffed, the air smelt sterile, it was some kind of hospital, and a soft humming sound seemed to float around the air.

  My arms were wrapped up with tinted red bandages, and so were my legs. I felt my head, there was a small bandage around there too, and a band-aid on my cheek. My eyes widened, and I remembered that my wing was shot!

  I quickly turned around to see, it was bandaged up as well. I frowned, and flexed my wing. It stung painfully when I moved it, it wasn't fully healed. I looked at my other wing, which seemed pretty fine.

  Suddenly, the door swung open. Acting quickly, I took a medical tool of the tray beside me, and shot it at the door. The person ducked instantly, and it bounced off the wall harmlessly. I scrambled off the bed, and went over to the wall, going invisible. Just as I did so, my chest clenched with pain. I groaned and fell to the ground, breathing heavily. Too injured to keep up my invisibility, I noted to myself.

  "Don't throw the things!" a male voice scolded. I looked at him, he had a brown tweed jacket with a white shirt under and black suspenders that were connected to his pants. Around his neck was a blue bow-tie. He had floppy brown hair and dull green eyes with a look that made you think he was a old man, although he looked to be only in his twenties.

  When he saw me on the ground, clenching my chest, he jumped, "AH! You're hurt!!" He cried running over, I vaguely noticed he had a Br
itish accent. He went to go point some kind of green flashlight at me, but I shot my hand out, slapping his hand away from me, and the flashlight went flying. "Hey!" He yelled glaring at me.

  I glared back, but it wasn't as intense since my head was beaded with sweat and my body was in pain. He noticed my pain, and his glare disappeared. "Are you okay?" He reached out a hand to me again, but I slapped it away. I glanced at the door which was wide open. I could make a run for it if-- as soon as I thought that, the door closed shut by itself.

  I sighed, and leaned back against the wall, "You're really hurt," the man said, "You dislocated your wing and lost a ton of blood. You should get back in bed," his tone was soothing, but I glared at him again. "I'm not going to hurt you," he coaxed, and held his hand out for me to take.

  I narrowed my eyes at him, what was the School planning? To gain my trust only to break it again? It's not like I was going to trust anyone either way. This was a waste of time.

  "I'm the Doctor," the man said, and my eyes widened. "I can help you if--" he didn't have a chance to finish because I scrambled away from him, expertly jumping over the bed and pulling on the door, which was locked. I used all my energy to move the metal inside the door, and a few seconds later, it clicked, and I swung the door open and raced down the hallway.

  "WAIT!" The man called behind me. I turned around the corner, only find the man, standing there. My eyes widened, and I turned back, racing the other way, only to be face-to-face with the man again. What's going on?!

  "Please, just stop," the man pleaded when I stumbled back, and turned, trying to get away. After a minute of running back and forth, my breathing began to labor, and my head felt heavy. Black dots were crawling over my vision. The man saw this, and caught my shoulders just as I collapsed.


  "... Just ran... Terrified..." A familiar male's voice said beside me.

  "... Just a kid... Parents... Scared..." A new, female voice said. She had seen ome kind of accent, Scottish maybe?

  My eyes fluttered open, to reveal the pearly white room from earlier, "She's waking up," the feminine voice said. I looked over to see the man -- the doctor -- from earlier. My eyes slowly widened, and I jumped, trying to get as far away from him as possible.

  "See! She hates me!" The man whined in a childish tone.

  "She's just scared. I'd be too if I woke up and saw that face," the woman shot at him with a feisty Scottish accent.

  I saw him clench his chest as if he were wounded, "That's mean Pond!"

  She ignored him and turned to me. "Hello sweetheart, I'm Amy. What's your name?"

  I just stared at the woman, she had fiery red hair, and striking green eyes. Freckles were scattered across her nose, and her mouth wore a gentle smile. She had on nightclothes, so she probably just woke up. I glanced at the man, he wore the same clothes, so I mustn't have been asleep for long.

  "Do you talk?" The woman asked. I didn't answer. I glanced around the room, it was the same as earlier and the door was closed, again. There also didn't seem to be any other means of escaping. I couldn't find one air vent or window! This seemed more like a prison than a hospital!

  I looked back at the man, who frowned under my gaze. I turned away, not wanting to stare at the so-called 'doctor' anymore.

  That was another weird thing about him, he was a 'doctor' but didn't smell like one, and didn't have a white coat, like the rest of the Whitecoats. If anything, he looked more like a homeless guy than a doctor.

  "Where did you get those wings from," the man asked suddenly. "Who did this to you?"

  I didn't say anything. I saw him reach out a hand to touch my large bulky wing, but I quickly moved it. Bringing them closer to my body and away from him. This obviously hurt, but I didn't care. Nobody touches my wings.

  The man looked slightly hurt at this, "What's your name?" The woman -- Amy -- asked.

  I almost scoffed at the fairly simple question. Name, what name? I had so many, and even then, didn't have a designated one. I decided to use one of my most common ones. "Hazel," I answered in a small voice.

  "Ah! That's a start! Hazel! That's a brilliant name," the man exclaimed passionately, and loudly too. "Where you from, Hazel? Where's your parents?"

  "Who are you?" I asked.

  "I already said; I'm the Doctor, and this is Amy Pond!" He grinned.

  I frowned at him, for a Whitecoat, he was very friendly. Too friendly. "What does the School want with me? Why am I here?!" My voice was beginning to get increasingly loud with panic.

  "Calm down," the man said. "I don't know what you mean by school, but I'm all for education!" He smiled, trying to make a joke, but it really wasn't funny. What could possibly be funny about a organization that experiments on children illegally?

  When he realized that nobody was laughing, his smile melted, "Okay... Not funny. What's the school?"

  I frowned, "You don't know?"

  "If I did know, then I wouldn't be asking."

  I sighed, "It's an government organization," I said, vaguely, not wanting to get into detail. If they didn't know about them, then they were either not associated with the School, or just acting.

  "And... They're after you?" Amy asked, I nodded.

  "How old are you, anyway?" The man, asked.

  I shrugged, "Probably fourteen. Maybe fifteen."

  "You don't know your own age," the woman frowned.

  Well, time seems to be harder to keep track of when you're born in a petri dish and then locked in a dog cage all your life, I thought sarcastically, but just shook my head.

  The man sighed, "You must be hungry. There's a fully stocked kitchen on the TARDIS if you--"

  "I'm fine," I interrupted him. I felt my stomach twist reminding me that I hadn't eaten in about a week, and after flying as fast as I did to get away from those Flyboys earlier, and then running from him just a few hours ago. I must've burned a bunch of calories. And yet, I didn't want to risk being unsuspectingly poisoned. I don't know these people, and Whitecoats or not, I'm definitely not just about to trust them. Besides, nobody just sees a girl with wings, and doesn't call the police or something.

  The man frowned at my response, "You have high signs of malnutrition," he said. "If you don't eat something, you would most likely die in hours."

  I clenched my jaw, "I'm fine," I said stubbornly.

  "You're going to die," he replied firmly.

  "I don't need to eat," I lied.

  "Oh, yes you do," he said. "According to the machine, you hadn't eaten in at least a week, if not more. If you refuse to eat, then I'll just have to force you."

  I stared at him for a few seconds, but looked away, "What do you have?"

  I could feel a grin stretching on his face.


  "The TARDIS just changed, so I'm guessing the kitchen is somewhere around here," the floppy brown haired man said.

  "What does TARDIS stand for, anyway?" I asked.

  The man spun around, and looked at me, "How did you know it stood for something?" He asked, not angrily, but more like curiously.

  "You're not exactly human," I shrugged, and he rose eyebrow.

  "How do you know?" He challenged.

  "Your 'hospital' room had inhuman technology -- I know that, that big glass thing filled with goo didn't smell like something from earth, and that was only one of the things. We've been walking down the hallway for a while now, and I know that when I was running down it, it was just looped, somehow. I know that the halls changed because if the the room was just turning in circles, I'd feel it. If you were human, then you'd probably freak out when you found a girl with big wings. That tells me that you've been with contact with other aliens, which is not surprising considering London is known for it's alien activity. And, you have two hearts."

  He blinked and then frowned at me, "How'd you know I had two hearts?"

  "I can hear it," I frowned, "It's actually quite annoying."

  He scoffed, a
nd kept walking, "You're clever for a kid, I'll give you that."

  "So, what does TARDIS stand for?" I pressed.

  "She stands for Time and Relative Dimension In Space," he answered.

  "A living time machine?" he nodded proudly. "Meh." Amy snorted at my answer.

  His jaw dropped and he looked at me, "'Meh'?! What's 'meh' about a time machine!"

  "I've seen a lot of things," I shrugged, "'Time machine'... That is a first, but things like this don't really surprise me anymore."

  He frowns at me, as if I had wounded his pride, and opens a door, revealing a large room with tiled flooring, an over-sized fridge, and a large, dark blue counter in the center. There are metal pans hanging from the ceiling, and wooden cabinets lining the shelves all around the room. It also has some kind of dishwasher, and a silver sink.

  "So this is what a kitchen looks like," I murmured thinking no one would notice. I went to the fridge, and pried the doors open. My eyes widened at the amount of food in it, some I could name, and others, I couldn't. Hell, some of it even looked like something that an alien would eat! This much food could last the entire population of China a lifetime...

  I poked it. Then I sniffed it. Then I rubbed it against my cheek. It felt real, smelt real, and would probably taste real too! "What's the matter?" The Doctor asked.

  "There's so much..." I muttered, "It can't be real!"

  "So that surprises you, but a living time machine doesn't?!"

  I frowned, there literally didn't seem to be an end to this fridge! "... Dimensionally transcendental..." I muttered in realization.

  As soon as these words left my mouth, the Doctor turned to me, "How did you know that?!"

  "It's dimensionally transcendental; bigger on the inside," I explained. I had read about Dimension transcendental-ness in a book I found -- stole. I read it over more times than I could think of, but I never really understood it until now. "Just like your box," I added.

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