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I Heard It All Before

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  “Maybe you can stay here for a while until you get your own spot. I can help you pay for it,” Cam offered.

  Demi was touched by the sweet gesture, but she knew that Cam didn’t have it like that. He was having a hard time with his own bills, so she knew that he couldn’t afford to help her. The fact that he even offered was good enough for her.

  “Thanks Cam, but I’m okay. Just you being my friend is good enough for me.” Demi smiled.

  “You know I got you,” Cam said while hugging her.

  “So, your mystery meeting is tomorrow,” Demi said, moving on to a different topic.

  “Yeah and I can’t wait to get it over with. My mama is getting on my damn nerves,” Cam replied.

  “It’s probably nothing. We do those newspaper ads all the time, trying to locate people for different reasons. Sometimes, it’s to collect on a bill or for property taxes. The list can go on and on,” Demi said.

  “None of that applies to me though. I’m just curious to see what this is all about.”

  “I know you are.” Demi yawned.

  “Get you some rest Demi. I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know how everything went. Maybe we can still do breakfast, if it’s not too late,” Cam said as he tried to get up.

  “Can you wait until I fall asleep? I know you can’t stay all night, but I don’t want to be in here by myself. I’m still shook up from earlier,” Demi said.

  “I got you,” Cam said as he pulled her close and rubbed her back.

  Cam was tempted to tell her that he was staying, but he didn’t want the drama with Asha. He’d had enough of that over the past few weeks to last him a lifetime. The only time he and Asha got along was in the bedroom. All bets were off other than that.

  “Make sure you let me know about your meeting tomorrow,” Demi said groggily.

  “I will,” Cam assured her.

  He and Demi talked a few minutes longer until she drifted off to sleep. Cam stayed there for a while and watched her sleep, before letting himself out and going home.

  Chapter 15

  “Do you have any questions? I’ll be happy to answer them for you,” the older gentleman said as he peered at Cam and Nora over the rim of his glasses.

  Cam sat there in stunned in silence once the man finished talking. He’d heard everything that he said, but he was just trying to process it all. Now, he knew why his grandparents had been trying to call him for the past few weeks. Cam regretted not answering, but everything happened for a reason.

  “This house that you said his father left him, is it something that he’ll have to fix up?” Nora asked.

  “Have you ever been in English Turn?” the man questioned.

  “No, I can’t say that I have,” Nora replied.

  “Okay, well, there are no fixer uppers around that way. It’s a private, gated community that has some of the best homes that New Orleans has to offer,” he replied.

  “Camden was married when he passed away. I don’t want my son to have any problems with his wife. I don’t want him moving into this house and then she takes it from him,” Nora said, voicing her concerns.

  “That will never happen. The house belongs to your son and the deeds reflect that. Mr. Blaire purchased the house and the warehouse under his father’s name for his son, and Carrington signed everything over to Camden,” he replied.

  “What about the money? Can she try to fight him in court for that?” Nora questioned.

  “She already tried. That’s what took us so long to reach out to your son. Mr. Blaire was a great attorney and he had an iron clad will. Camden is his only living heir and he’s entitled to everything that his father left him.”

  “Do you have any questions for him, Cam?” Nora asked.

  She was doing all the talking, while Cam just sat there with a blank expression on his face. Nora knew that her son was having a rough time financially, but he didn’t seem too pleased about what was being said to him. Cam’s father wasn’t there very much when he was alive, but he was proving to be a great provider now that he had passed on. It turned out that the person who had been trying to contact him was his father’s financial advisor. Camden had left a will, giving his son a nice portion of his fortune. Not only did he leave Camden a five-bedroom home, he also left him a fully equipped warehouse, with hopes of him starting his own car restoration business. The place had top of the line equipment per the adviser, and Cam could get to work whenever he was ready. Cam was overwhelmed with that bit of info, but he was speechless when he learned of the five million dollars that he had to go along with it all. He was dumfounded but grateful at the same time. His father was still there for him financially, even from the grave.

  “I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have now or later,” his father’s advisor spoke up.

  “I…um…I… damn,” Cam stuttered.

  “I understand, it’s a lot to take in,” the man chuckled.

  “So, now what? Can I just move into the house whenever I want to?” Cam asked.

  “You sure can. The envelope that I gave you contains the deeds and the keys to both properties. I’ll just need your banking information and I can have the money wired into your account in a few days,” he replied.

  Cam felt like crying as he gave his father’s advisor his banking information and wrapped up their meeting. He didn’t know how to feel when he and his mother left the office. He was in too much shock to even react to what was going on. Cam had never see that amount of money before in his life. He was sure that Asha was going to be ecstatic when she found out. Their relationship was going downhill, but he was sure that his newfound riches would get it back on track.

  After dropping his mother off, Cam headed home to tell Asha what had just taken place. He hated to feel the way he did, but he would have much rather share his good fortune with Demi instead. He’d only known her for a few months, but she was the most giving person that he’d ever met. Asha would have died if she ever had to foot the bill for a meal. She never even offered and Cam never bothered to ask. Cam pulled up to the gate of their apartments and did a double take when he saw one of Asha’s brother’s truck leaving out. He gave Cam a stupid grin and nodded his head when they locked eyes. They rarely visited their sister at her home and Cam didn’t like it when they did. He and Asha’s brothers were cordial with each other, but they didn’t hang out too much. Asha’s brothers were shady and Cam didn’t want no parts of their drama.

  “Asha!” Cam yelled when he walked through the front door.

  He stopped in his tracks when he saw her Louis Vuitton duffel bag and suitcase sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Cam made his way down the hall to their bedroom and saw Asha standing in the closet. Her entire side of the closet was empty and so was the dresser where she kept all her perfume. She had a few shoe boxes stacked up against the wall, but everything else was gone. Cam now knew why her brother was there. He must have been helping his sister move her stuff out of the house. That also explained the stupid look that was on his face as they passed by each other.

  “You got something that you need to tell me,” Cam inquired as he stood in the doorway of their bedroom.

  “You’re not blind Camden. I’m sure you already know what’s up. I’m done. I’m leaving,” Asha replied.

  “No shit,” Cam said sarcastically. “You’re always threatening to leave, but why now?”

  “I can’t take it no more Cam. I understand you wanting to change and all, but I can’t take living like this. I’m fucking you every night, but I have to beg my brothers to get my hair and my nails done. That shit ain’t even me. Another bitch might be happy being broke with you, but I’m not her,” Asha rambled.

  “Oh okay, so this is about money,” Cam said as more of a statement than a question.

  “You already know what this is about Cam. My brothers make sure that me and my mama are straight in every way. When we got together, you promised to do the same.”

  “And I did that, but you
got life and bullshit mixed up Asha. You like the finer things in life, but you always want a nigga to hand it to you. It’s like your only goal in life is to be a kept bitch,” Cam spat angrily.

  “You had no problem keeping me before,” Asha replied.

  “But you love a nigga though,” Cam said, shaking his head in disgust.

  “I do love you, but I love me more. I’m sorry Cam, but broke just doesn’t look good on me,” Asha said, telling him exactly what he wanted to hear.

  “Cool,” Cam replied as he walked away and went to the living room, with Asha following right behind him.

  “Cool?” Asha yelled as she walked behind him. “Is that all you have to say after all the years we’ve been together?”

  “That shit must not mean much to you either since you’re leaving.”

  “You’re not doing anything to make me stay. I’ve been telling you to call Lo for months, but you’re too stubborn to listen.”

  “Nah, I’m good on Lo. I don’t need that nigga for nothing,” Cam assured her.

  “Who are you trying to convince Cam? I saw your bank statement boo. You’re a few dollars away from being in the negative,” Asha laughed.

  “You’re right, but maybe I can save a little since I’ll only have one mouth to feed now. You need some help with your bags?” Cam asked, wiping the smirk from her face.

  “Fuck you, Camden!” Asha spat angrily.

  “Nah, you did that this morning, so I’m good,” Cam smirked.

  “I hope you enjoyed it because you’ll never get it again!” she yelled.

  “I don’t want it,” Cam said, hurting her feelings.

  There was nothing that he could say to make her stay, but Asha at least wanted him to try. He was too nonchalant about everything, making Asha really want to hurt his feelings.

  “Good because my new nigga is tired of sharing me anyway,” Asha smirked.

  “Make sure you thank that nigga for me. He helped me out more than he’ll ever know,” Cam replied with a knowing smirk of his own.

  “Fuck you, with your broke ass. And for the record, my man, not my brothers, is the one who makes sure I’m good. Unlike you, he’s not afraid to grind and make money. He’s making more money with Lo than you ever did,” Asha spat as she grabbed her bags and headed for the door.

  “That’s what’s up,” Cam said, pissing her off with his uncaring attitude.

  “And that apartment that your penniless ass couldn’t afford, I’ll be moving in there with him,” Asha said with a victorious smile.

  “Congrats,” he replied nonchalantly.

  Cam wasn’t the arguing type, so he let her talk and curse him out until she got tired. As soon as she had all her stuff in the car and left, Cam grabbed his phone and called Demi.

  “Hey Cam,” Demi said, sounding excited to hear from him.

  “What’s up with our apartment that we’re supposed to be looking for?” Cam asked.

  “Huh?” Demi questioned.

  “Huh, my ass. You said that if things didn’t work out with me and Asha, then you and I would be roommates,” Cam reminded her.

  “What happened with you and your girlfriend?” Demi inquired.

  “Meet me for breakfast, so we can talk,” Cam requested.

  “Same spot?” Demi asked.

  “Yep,” he answered.

  “Okay, I’m leaving now,” Demi assured him before she hung up.

  Cam jumped up and grabbed his keys. He called his mother and had her put in a request to have the locks and the code to the gate changed. Asha had left a few of her shoe boxes and other personal items there, but he didn’t want her showing up whenever she felt like it. Cam locked the door and walked to his car with a smile on his face. Asha just didn’t know how big of a favor she had done him. He wanted Demi in the worst way and he wasn’t going to stop until he got her. He knew that she was still married, but he was a patient man. Cam hated to see her hurting, but he was happy that her husband fucked up. He was tired of playing the supportive friend role, knowing that he wanted to be her man. He wasn’t shy, so he planned to come right out and tell her exactly how he felt as soon as they got to the restaurant.

  Chapter 16

  “I’m so happy for you, Cam. I really am. I know how much you like working with your friend, but now you can have your own shop and do what you love to do,” Demi said as she and Cam enjoyed their food.

  He told her about the warehouse that his father left him, purposely leaving out the part about the house and the money. He wanted to feel Demi out first before he revealed everything. She wasn’t money hungry and he knew that, just by their first time talking. Demi would give her last to someone in need, and he loved that about her.

  “Yeah, I’m ready to make it happen. Randy is my boy, so he’ll understand,” Cam replied.

  “Let me know if you need my help with anything. I can help out with the paperwork or the legal stuff,” Demi told him.

  “I just need you to start hunting for our new apartment,” Cam replied.

  “Are you really serious about that Cam? I mean, you and your girl just broke up this morning and it hasn’t even been a full day since I left home. Don’t you think we’re moving a little too fast?” Demi questioned.

  “Tomorrow ain’t promised to none of us, Demi. You said that yourself after what happened to you last night. I understand if you don’t want to though. I would never rush you into doing anything,” Cam answered.

  “It’s not that I don’t want to. I just don’t want you to feel obligated to save me, Cam. I can stay with my mother until I figure something out,” Demi assured him.

  “I don’t feel obligated to do anything, but I need you to be honest with me, Demi. Is your marriage really over or do you think there’s still hope?” Cam asked her.

  “Hope for what? I almost lost my life last night Cam. Then, he had the nerve to pull a gun on us on top of that. Fuck that marriage. I’m filing for separation. I already got one of my co-workers to get started on the process this morning. I’m really done. We can sell the house and split the money. That’s the only thing that we own together anyway,” Demi replied.

  “I thought the house was in your name though?” Cam commented.

  “It is, but he paid most of the notes on it. I’m not trying to be dirty like that. He’s entitled to half of the money,” Demi clarified.

  “See, that’s some grown woman shit right there. A lot of women don’t think like that.” Cam smiled.

  “I still can’t stand his ass though. Nigga putting his fucking hands on me like I’m a bitch on the streets. I should have stabbed his ass.” Demi frowned.

  “Calm down thug misses,” Cam laughed.

  “I’m serious. I never would have thought he’d do something like that,” Demi replied.

  “His back was against the wall Demi. I’m sure he didn’t want you to leave, but he just made shit worse by trying to make you stay,” Cam said.

  “I don’t want to talk about that anymore; it’s giving me a headache.”

  “Nah, that big ass knot on your forehead is what’s giving you a headache,” Cam laughed.

  “Can you see it? I tried to cover it with my hair,” Demi said as she grabbed her compact from her purse.

  “No, it’s covered,” Cam laughed, easing her worries.

  “So, where are we moving to?” Demi asked him once she made sure her appearance was okay.

  “What did you have in mind?” Cam asked her.

  “I don’t know. I still can’t believe that we’re really doing this. I mean, we haven’t known each other long, but it feels like it. I’ve never lived in an apartment before, outside of my dorm room. I stayed with my mother up until I got married and I went straight into my own home after that. I want our place to be nice, but affordable, with lots of closet space. And maybe a patio or something, so I can sit outside and read my books. Maybe a nice garage for you to store your car parts and stuff. And we need two bathrooms Cam. A woman and a man should not have to sha
re the same bathroom space. And we’re splitting everything down the middle. We have to be fair,” Demi rambled.

  “Anything else?” Cam asked with a smirk.

  “No, nothing that I can think of right now. What about you. Anything specific that you want?” Demi questioned.

  “Just you,” Cam replied while looking her in the eyes.

  Demi’s breath got caught in her throat when she saw the intense way that he was looking at her. There were plenty of Sundays that she went to church with her mother and had to ask God to forgive her. She had never cheated on Kamari, but she had lusted in her heart. There were several nights that she went to bed thinking about another man and she needed God to forgive her for that.

  “Um…I… are you ready to pay the bill?” Demi stuttered.

  “Forget the bill. Are you scared of me, Demi?” Cam asked.

  “Yes,” she answered honestly.

  “Why? Have I ever done anything to make you feel that way?” Cam asked.

  “No, Cam, but, I don’t know,” Demi said as she looked away.

  “Why do you always do that? Just say what’s on your mind,” Cam urged.

  “I’m attracted to you, but I shouldn’t be,” Demi admitted.

  “Why not? I told you that I was attracted to you from day one,” Cam pointed out.

  “I know Cam, but I’m a married woman. I shouldn’t have been lusting after another man.”

  “Ain’t nothing wrong with lusting, if you don’t act on it,” Cam noted.

  “It’s like, I’m fine if we’re in the friend zone. But when you start to look at me in that way and say stuff about wanting me, you make me nervous,” Demi admitted.

  “So, wait, you thought that I really wanted to be your friend?” Cam asked her as he laughed.

  “What’s funny?” Demi questioned.

  “I only played that role because we were both in situations. Since it seems that we’re free, I’m not trying to be your friend no more. I don’t want to rush you though Demi. I understand if you’re not ready or if it’s too soon. You just left home last night, so I get it,” Cam replied.

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